Giving feeds the soul

Over the years we have given to many causes both personally and as a business. We have not only given financially, but given of our time and expertise. As business owners we have lent our management expertise (as both consultants and active participants) to community based efforts and efforts that have benefited causes such as Thailand after the devastating Tsunami. We decided to begin this site to further our philanthropic efforts and if all goes well inspire others to get involved.

We understand that in a modern, fast paced world we all have packed schedules. Those of us with families are keenly aware of the demands that come with family responsibilities. Our hope is that perhaps the stories and charitable opportunities we share on this site will be the spark that lights the flames of passion inside of you. Every dollar, every food item or any amount of time that can be spared contributing to a deserving charity helps. As a resident on this planet we believe we all need to recognize we have a responsibility to help others in need. Once you start to really get involved and witness the impact you can have in the lives of people in need you won’t ever want to stop. We welcome you to our blog and hope that you will come back frequently to check out our articles and posts.

God Bless

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