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Donate to children with autism right here in Delray Beach

There are many very good national Autism research and education organizations (like Autism Speaks) for people who want to help find a cure for this disease. While this is a very noble effort, it is very easy to forget that you can donate to helping children with Autism in Delray Beach Schools.

Teachers in schools not just in Palm Beach County School District, but throughout the United States are struggling to help these special children due to inadequate school district resources. An example of this situation comes from Ms. Friedman a special education teacher at Orchard View Elementary School in Delray Beach, FL (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MS. FRIEDMAN’S AUTISM FUND RAISING EFFORTS). Orchard View Elementary School is a Title 1 school which means that the majority of students come from economically disadvantaged families. Her class (grades 3-5) is comprised of students diagnosed with severe Autism who are non-verbal. Ms. Friedman’s ability to give her children the best chance possible for brighter futures is significantly hampered by these very same budget issues. She if left utilizing educational resources that have been borrowed, created from scratch or purchased with personal funds. This is an unfair burden on the her as teacher trying to help her kids achieve the best possible educational outcomes based on their individual diagnoses. Despite all of the challenges posed by the situation her students are thriving through her heroic individual efforts and sacrifice. This has become an all to familiar refrain from teachers around the country.

These children are playful, loving and full of all the energy of mainstream children. Unfortunately unlike their mainstream classmates they are unable to verbally express what they have learned, their desires or even their basic needs. Being unable to communicate leaves these great kids prone to aggressive behavior driven by an inability to get their needs met instantly. Currently the only means of facilitating communications with her students is through the use of pictures. The issue with this solution is twofold; first, there aren’t enough pictures to fill a child’s vocabulary and second, even if there were, the sheer size of the collection would be completely unmanageable and impractical to store or utilize.

Fortunately there is something that can be done to help these deserving children. There are tools and technologies that can help. Ms. Friedman is trying to raise money through a project she created on DonorsChoose.Org for one such tool. The goal is to raise the funds to obtain and Ipad Mini (and protective case) for her kids. The use of an Ipad would allow for the upload communication system applications that would help her students to communicate more freely beyond the use of pictures. This technology provides benefits that go beyond communication needs to provide opportunities to assist with improving fine motor skills, attention deficit issues and countless other applications designed to benefit these wonderful children. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT MS. FRIEDMAN’S CLASS AND HERE FUND RAISING EFFORT.

By donating to causes like that of Ms. Friedman at Orchard View Elementary School in Delray Beach you can help children in your own community. Autistic children that without your generosity must go without. Children that can have better tomorrows through the continued efforts of dedicated professionals like Ms. Friedman coupled with the proper educational resources like the Ipad she is trying to obtain. If you are considering a donation please take a moment to visit this link ( to learn more about Ms. Friedman, her children and her efforts to help them achieve their fullest potential.

Additional Charitable Organizations Supporting Autism Research:

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